Tuning ring V2

Panmaker’s latest version of the tuning rings. Available in any size, standard is 53cm.

Big thanks to my friend Daniel Besedin for helping us develop a new and better bearing ring! The tuning ring V2 has proven to be a drastic improvement.

The set of tuning rings consists of 3 rings, the top ring (A), the bottom ring (B), and the bearing ring (C), which is attached to the frame.

The bottom ring turns in the frame and holds ring A and B, which in turn can rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. A couple of knobs make it possible to fix the rings in position so they don’t move while tuning.

€590 (ex 21% VAT)

The metal or wooden frame is not included!

Click here to see the manual and close-up pictures for assembly.
(we have removed some parts that were deemed unnecessary but have not yet updated the guide)