For the makers, by the makers


This project of  tools for the makers began very organically. My curiosity about handpan/pantam making led me to a local maker, where I spotted their dimple molds. Luckily, my uncle ran a laser cutting company, so I asked him to create a set for me and a buddy. Teaching myself AutoCAD, I designed the molds, and my uncle brought them to life.

Initially, I struggled with raw shells, finding it tough to hit the right notes, and eventually called it quits on the hobby. I passed the molds to my friend, who only needed one set, and we decided to sell the spare on Facebook. The response was overwhelming, so I got my uncle to make more.

Demand skyrocketed, with makers asking for all sorts of molds, tools, and custom stuff. I was determined to meet their needs and dreamed of creating a one-stop shop for creators worldwide.

In January 2018, I stumbled upon a nitrided shell, reigniting my passion. Surprisingly, tuning became a lot easier with this new material.

By October 2018, I rebranded from Handpanmolds to Panmaker, reflecting our broader range. I’m always up for custom orders, even if they’re not handpan-related. It’s been a learning journey, fueled by the maker community.

Check out what we offer and don’t hesitate to ask for something we don’t have yet. After all, this project thrives on collaboration and input from fellow creators.


Keep hammering!

~ Kristof Carnewal ~



Update: I’ve halted tool production for makers to concentrate on building instruments. Since July 2021, my son has taken the reins of the project.