Tonefield molds (New)

The inner edge comes with minimal rounding, more so on the outer edge. 

Our new series of tonefield molds.

To press both the dimple and the tonefield at once using a press and 3 layers of 5mm SBR rubber. The inner and outer edges are rounded with a radius of 2.5mm.

This set is tailored to my father’s taste. He started out with the classic set and just like many other makers  over time figured out what dimensions he personally preferred to work with.

The low notes are rounder than they used to be and the higher notes are more oval. The highest notes (F5 – D6) are round and are pure tones (tonic-octave-octave).

This set is not any better or worse than our Classic set, it is just different.

This set contains 42 molds and covers the notes A2 – D6.
Depending on your own taste and skill you can make these notes lower or higher.

€620 (ex 21% VAT)

Additionally a set for the lower notes, this set contains 5 molds and covers the notes E2 – G#2.
Again, depending on your own taste and skill you can makes these notes lower or higher.

€230 (ex 21% VAT)

A set of round pure tones for the notes F5 – D6 (these are included in the base set).

€180 (ex 21% VAT)


3 x SBR rubber €45 (ex 21% VAT)

There is an instruction video below the pictures.

Custom made press molds can be purchased as well.

Shellopan based in France has a list for sizes of tonefields and their dimples.
You can find the list here :

The ratio notes/dimples can be changed in the F2 cell. A 1.0 ratio will give you dimples half the size of the notes, for all notes. A ratio higher than 1.0 (for example 1.0064) will give you dimples that become less than 50% of the note as the notes get higher.