Shaping mold

Panmaker’s shaping mold, at last.

Our shaping mold is 15mm thick, made from stainless steel shells, it is completely round with a depth of 137mm and a radius of 325.

The shells are welded together and then welded to the bottom ring from both sides.

The mold comes with a top ring, even though there isn’t one in any of the photos below.

This mold is budget-friendly. If you’re seeking an indestructible mold, we recommend sourcing one locally. Prices may vary depending on location, but they typically range around €5000.

It’s important to understand that our shaping mold won’t possess the same level of robustness as a solid 15 to 20mm mold. Due to small air spaces between the shells, there’s potential for slight deformation and marking under pressure, albeit minimal. Once the top shell settles into the second one, there’s limited room for further deformation. Also, avoid direct pressure on the mold; always use a shell as a buffer.

€1200 (ex VAT)

The price of each spacer is as listed below:

1.0mm:    €40
1.5mm:    €45
2.0mm:    €50
2.5mm:    €55
3.0mm:    €60
4.0mm:    €70
5.0mm:    €80
6.0mm:    €90
7.0mm:    €100
8.0mm:    €110
9.0mm:    €120
10.0mm:  €130

As with all our products, custom variations can be ordered.