Pneumatic hammer

Pneumatic hammer: the 280mm Golconda (GS-0838E)

The pneumatic hammer comes with 4 hammer heads and an M10 thread adaptor.

It comes with a small head, a pointy head, a large head, and a nearly flat head that has the same curve as the shell (interstitial)

To run at full speed, air flow of 400 Liter/minute is recommended.

€450 (ex 21% VAT)

This is a new head, on the left how it looks before it’s used. On the right after using it for some time.

The price for spare hammerheads and adaptor are as listed below.

Small head: €35

Medium head: €40 (not included in the base set)

Pointy head: €40

Flat head: € 40

Large head: €45

(Large head in steel: €130)

Adaptor: €40